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Many characters smoke cigarettes accurate for the era. However, no matter how you feel about the leads, the co-stars are brilliant. What parents need to know Parents need to know that West Side Story is an updated Romeo and Juliet story that explores race relations and immigration within a musical format.

The supporting cast of the original is far more entertaining than the leads, who are a bit dull compared to the colorful characters offering support from the sidelines. I wish I could see it again. Folks expecting a typically lighthearted musical-comedy were in for a shock. As expected, they want Tony to be Caucasian and the other three leads to have a Hispanic background.

Elgort will play Tony, a member of the Jets. I find myself wanting everybody in the film to survive, to have the rumble, and, maybe, hopefully, that will be the catalyst for unity and redemption among people, if one gets the drift.

After appearance of messages of clashes between teenage gangs in the press, the founders decided to change the script, turned their attention from religious subjects to social events.

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The entire production is emotional and spectacular. For lovers of movie musicals and those new to the genre.

West Side Story, Sadler's Wells, review

It's got sarcasm in it, and yet one has to wonder if "America" is just a playful but sarcastic argument that the Sharks and their girls get into about the so-called virtues of the United States of America, after the hard times they're facing as immigrants, or if it's a genuine liking of America by the Shark girls despite the difficulties that they face as immigrants, if one gets the drift.

New details have surfaced indicating that Indiana Jones 5 will still be made before the remake of West Side Story. Cool has a sort of a black comedy to it, in a way, at least in the stage version of West Side Story, because it comes prior to the rumble, as opposed to after the rumble, as it does in the film version of WSS.

With casting underway, it would appear Spielberg will be behind the camera for West Side Story sooner than later. It's also a matter of chasing rainbows, even though a damper has been put down due to everything that has gone wrong.

Another is shot to death. I learn so much about the creative process during those talk backs. Laurents with the proposal on cooperation. It passes an enjoyable hour. Violence Although choreographed with dance moves, the big fight scene leads to two characters being stabbed to death.

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It also looks at the cultural impact the film has had since its release. WEST SIDE STORY became one of the most popular film musicals in history, largely on the strength of its youth appeal and the aforementioned Robbins's choreography--a spectacular combination of ballet, acrobatics, and jazz excitingly adapted for the camera.

After all, West Side Story requires triple threats: New producer was Hal Prince. Sound While there may be some niggles with regard to the image, there were no such doubts about the quality of the audio. In addition, considering that immigration is currently a hot button issue in the United States, there might be some more timely elements brought into this adaptation that will give the musical a modern spin.

The images are slightly sharper etched now, too, while the colors are as deep and vibrant as ever. In the film version, the "Cool" scene takes on a much darker, more serious meaning, due to the fact that the Jets and their girls are now in hiding from the cops, and there's much more tension there.

They felt they were part of the show in a way that can only be done through an openness to new ideas. A female character is nearly raped. Still, the sound is well detailed, a little hard, perhaps, yet never overly bright.

They bring an exhilarating level of energy to the proceedings. In dialogue, there are brief references to alcoholism. We get an image with rich, saturated colours - repleat with warm skin tones and the whole colour design is a pleasure to view, conveying a feeling of heat.

Stay up to date on new reviews. All told, West Side Story is a beautiful film. West Side Story is, of course, only one of the most famous Broadway musicals of all time and it was only adapted into one of the most famous movie musicals of all time.

Several years later, the authors returned to their brainchild. Robbins went to L. Immediately the question arose about the actors. Then we meet the principals. Critics have even recognized that the musical has become a new landmark in the history of theater.Check out the exclusive dominicgaudious.net movie review and see our movie rating for West Side Story.

Complete plot summary of West Side Story, written by specialists and reviewed by film experts. I kid, of course. Among movie musicals, West Side Story ranks in the top five in greatness, and it's arguably the most popular musical ever released. On Saturday night, the BSO presented another popular movie as part of its summer-long Leonard Bernstein th birthday anniversary celebration - "West Side Story." Film.

West Side Story debuted on Broadway inseveral years after the idea was conceived by Leonard Bernstein and Jerome Robbins. The concept underlying the play was to transfer Romeo and Juliet to a contemporary setting and present the story as a musical, resulting in an intriguing mix of romance.

Feb 15,  · Although "West Side Story" was named the best picture of and won 10 Academy Awards, it is not much mentioned by movie fans these days, and the old warhorse "Singin' in the Rain" is probably more seen and certainly better loved.

"West Side Story" was 4/4.

A movie review on west side story
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