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The primary target audience for this degree is Pathway and online degree students. The ECE Department at Khalifa University is currently home to about 65 highly qualified faculty, with experience from all over the world, many of them enjoying important distinctions, like IEEE Senior or Fellow memberships.

This degree is designed for students who want a strong background in software development coupled with a minor or two clusters in another subject.

Electrical Engineering

It covers the design of robot vehicles, unmanned aeroplanes and satellites. Jacqueline jackson, Interim Chair jacqueline. The program has three tracks: Robotics This is where mechanics meets electronics — one of the most exciting fields!

Starting from Springthe approved seminars will be limited to: We encourage you to apply to our programs if you are interested in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, or Master of Science in Engineering.

All engineering programs are offered at both locations so students do not have to worry about choosing the program that is closer to them.

Two out of five core courses with B or better in each. Our ABET accredited BSEE degree prepares students to specialize in areas such as electronics, robotics, electronic-based communications, signal and image processing, controls, and power systems Computer Computer Engineering CE employs the development of computer hardware and software solutions for today's emerging technologies.

California State University, Los Angeles is a Cadence University Program Member Department Vision To be recognized internationally as a benchmark for excellence, innovation, integrity, and distinctiveness in bachelor's and master's level education taught from a global perspective.

Two Campus Locations Students are able to study at the campus location that's closer to home without the worry of missing out on any opportunities. S in Computer Programming The A. Write a Scholarly Paper project report and present findings as part of the course requirements.

Home Curriculum Our electrical engineering program builds from a strong foundation of mathematics, physics, and the engineering sciences into a solid core of electrical engineering subjects that include digital logic, circuits, computers, communications, electronics and electromagnetics.

KPC enables students to demonstrate their programming skills. Before courses are transferred into the Computer Engineering program, they must be submitted to and receive an approval of the student's advisor and the Chair of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The department offers two undergraduate degrees and the Master of Science in Engineering. Students choosing the scholarly paper option are not eligible for graduation until they have received a final, passing grade for ECE Years 3 and 4 students: Semester Curriculum Welcome Virtually every facet of our daily lives is dominated by technology.

Electrical engineers have many potential job functions but most design, develop, and test products that are powered by or produce electricity. This program provides students with a solid foundation in both the breadth and depth of the principles and practices of software engineering as well as skills in computer programming.

Home Info Creating a Virtual Assistant for Software Engineers Researchers in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are working to make the software development process more efficient by creating a virtual assistant for software engineers. Computer Engineers design computer systems, both hardware and software, to create new technology and meet new social needs.

Scholarly Paper Course Work Each student must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate-level credits beyond the bachelor's degree under one of the two options listed below. Scholarly papers must be individual written project reports — not group projects. This branch focuses on high-frequency techniques and the transmission of data.

You'll be taught in small classes that facilitate individual attention. The Telecommunications Engineering program shares some courses with the Computer Engineering program and emphasizes the new trends in Communications such as wireless communications, digital communications, and social media.

Whatever specialization you choose, your education at the Cal State L. At the graduate level we offer a Master of Science in Engineering with emphasis on computer engineering, computational engineering, electrical engineering, and telecommunications engineering.

Time Requirement All degree requirements transfer courses, George Mason courses, seminars, thesis, Scholarly Paper must be completed within a 6 year period. Students receiving grades of F in two courses, C grades in 9 credit hours of course work, or whose overall GPA falls below 3.

Degree Requirements

Electrical engineering focuses on the study of electrical and electronic systems.BS in Electrical Engineering. The Electrical Engineering curriculum is concerned with analysis and design of modern electronic systems, devices, and signals for a broad range of applications such as wireless or network communication, electrical power and control, and multimedia information technology.

ECE at Rutgers.

Pre-Med track offered through ECE bachelor's degrees

Welcome to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Our faculty and students are engaged in exciting innovation in the areas of wireless communications, computer systems and software engineering, information processing and systems, micro- and nano-electronics, next generation internet architectures, cyber security and so much more.

The ECE Department offers the PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and master’s degrees in computer engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications, and digital forensics and cyber analysis, and certificates in communications, forensics, networking, and signal processing.

Together with collaborators at the University of California, Riverside they have been awarded a $1M grant to study application of machine learning techniques for performance and power prediction in early design stages of future computer systems. Updated Vision.

The CSE Undergraduate Advising Office aspires to create an inclusive and diverse space for a transformative learning experience where advisors and. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has grown into one of the leading international programs in electrical and computer engineering.

Faculty are experts in wind energy, smart grid technology, nanotechnology, medical devices, wireless communications, VLSI, computer systems, sensors.

Department of electrical and computer engineering
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