Short essay on reality shows in india

The audience was highly entertained by the plight of ordinary people caught in awkward situations.

Can Watching Reality Shows Be Harmful?

They cried when they failed and celebrated when they triumphed. More shows proliferated transforming the destinies of many people by giving them a platform to showcase their talents.

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And hence they have a moral obligation to the society while screening such programs. It was reality television that wrote the destiny of television channel Star One.

Initially, they are prankreality, there are good reality shows like the ones on TLC and. Essay on pets and animals Social media definition essay Cosmopolitan city essay world largest Essay law writing bibliography need an essay topic upsc Questions have been raised over the authenticity of the voting system on the basis of which the contestants are voted out.

In one way or another, these shows have been a contributing factor in increased violence among the population, especially youngsters. It featured a karaoke contest where viewers could sing along. With the registration for each show surpassing the last one and the audience votes pouring in billions, all doubts over the acceptability of these shows by the Indian audience subsided.

While you might obtain stardom overnight it lasts only as long as the spotlight is focused on you. How they affect the moral fabric of the society Reality Shows- Yes they have become the greatest find in Television Industry in the present century. Breaking the usual norms youngsters should come forward and protest their telecast.

Their role in imbibing cultural values among youth is inevitable. The fact that the contestants in these shows are ordinary people with whom audiences immediately relate to is the biggest trump card of these shows.

When the Supreme Court legalized live-in relationships westernization has almost got a legal sanction. Though these shows are high on investments, they have become an important genre in the Hindi entertainment space.

In the middle of the ever going daily soaps, reality shows have made their own space in the hearts of the viewers. Other formats have been Cinestar Ki Khoj which introduced young talent to the glamorous world of Bollywood, and Business Baazigar, a game that tested the intellectual and entrepreneurial capability of people of different age groups.

Mahim lad Abhijeet Sawant has been a tad successful with an album but he still awaits a break in playback singing. Indeed, if we analyze such a popular show as American Idol, we will easily notice many episodes of this program are dedicated to making fun of the contestants, whose performing abilities were lower compared to other participants which does not necessarily mean they are deprived of talent, or are worse in any other way.

Lost names like Rahul Roy and Baba Sehgal rose to limelight again because of shows like these. Reality television is a win-win situation for everyone, be it contestants, channels or the viewers. Another success has been Sa Re Ga Ma, which also brought talented singers like Shreya Ghosal to the forefront at a very early age.

While the channels make sure to glorify the contestants in the build up to the finale, all is not gold afterwards, as has been discovered by many winning contestants.

His move from Chhattisgarh a small town to tinsel town Mumbai on the wave of his success in a talent show has been disappointing. It was only because of these shows that a teashop owner, Sunil Pal, became a laughter champion and Prashant, a sepoy from Darjeeling, became the third Indian Idol.

A jackpot to make viewers glued to their sets unaware of time or the sensibility of what they are viewing.words essay on reality shows of Indian Television. Indians are high on the emotional quotient and anything that strikes the emotional chord is an instant hit in India.

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How they affect the moral fabric of the society Reality Shows- Yes they have become the greatest find in Television Industry in the present century.

Words Essay on Reality Shows. One of the first reality shows in India was Channel V’s talent hunt for an all girls’ music band. The result was ‘Viva’.

Words Essay on women Equality—A Myth or Reality ; Short Essay on Talent Hunt Shows ; Words Essay on Religion in India. The Reality of Reality Television Big brother, The Hot house, Newlyweds, The Simple like, Survivor, Australian Idol and The Resort, these are just some of the countless reality television shows that bombard our lives.

/5(7). India is a vast country with second largest population and seventh largest land area in the world. The population of India is more than billion. There are 28 states mainly on the basis of linguistic lines.

Today there are many kinds of reality shows like talent hunts, (Indian Idol, Nach Baliye, Jhalak Dhiklaja, Sa Re Ga Ma, etc) Game shows (Kaun Banega Crorepati), celebrity shows (Big Brother, Big Boss), makeover shows, prank shows (MTV Bakra), job hunts (The Apprentice, On the Lot), dating shows (For Love or For Money, Perfect Match, New York), social experiments (Wife Swap), Adventure/Fear .

Short essay on reality shows in india
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