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On paper, they could be mistaken for the exact same person; yet their destinies are practically caricatures of success and failure. Wes plays football for the Norwood Rams, one of the best rec football teams in the country; yet despite being naturally intelligent, his academic grades are poor.

He also had a difficult life growing up because of the absence of a father. As a result, his grades slip; a concerned Joy threatens to send him to military school, but Moore does not take this seriously.

Two years later, Mary and Wes have moved to Northwood, a safer neighborhood in the Northeast Baltimore.

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates

I think this is another one of those stories that would have made a better magazine article, instead of being padded out to book length. Among the many awards he received was the Combat Action Badge.

Foreign Assistance Resources where he tracked foreign aid to ensure it was being used properly. Active Themes After this initial contact, the men continue to exchange letters, and eventually Moore begins visiting Wes in prison.

The doctors send him home with an anesthetic, but the next day Westley collapses and dies of acute epiglottis, a virus that causes suffocation. She helped Wes in multiple ways but perhaps the action that had the biggest effect was sending Wes to military school. He asks his friend Levy for advice, and the two of them enroll in the Jobs Corps program.

In the Bronx, Moore continues to perform badly in school. But his book was just OK. However, things become more difficult back in the outside world; Wes earns minimum wage working temporary, menial jobs and has no time to spend with his family.

Eventually, he starts dealing drugs again. However, the next week he is back on the streets spraying graffiti again. Mama, Zinzi, and Viwe Wes 1: What changed was that I found myself surrounded by people James Thomas, was the first black minister in the history of the Dutch Reformed Church.

He is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. I had to read it twice so skillfully written! He asks his friend Levy for advice, and the two of them enroll in the Jobs Corps program.

Moore is now training as a paratrooper. In both places, young men go through the daily struggle trying to navigate their way through the deadly streets, poverty, and the twin legacy of exclusion and low expectations.

In this main segment of the story, you will find out how the two different Wes Moores came to be.

The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates

He taught Wes the true meaning of honor, courage, and camaraderie. While Tony accepts a plea deal to avoid the death penalty, Wes maintains his innocence and his case goes to trial.

The "other" Wes Moore. The next semester, Moore travels to South Africa for a study abroad program. One tradition that especially stood out to him was a weeks long process where his friend, Zinzi, would be heading soon. The main purpose of the book is not necessarily to create sympathy for Wes and other The wes moore in a similar position to him, but rather to inspire people to make positive, responsible decisions.

Chapter Four begins when Wes is fifteen and has been working in the drug game for three years. Each section begins with a short extract from a conversation between Moore and Wes during one of their visits in prison.

As an undergraduate at American University, Joy met an attractive man named Bill who later became her husband and father to Nikki.Moore introduces the book, explaining that it is the story of two men born in Baltimore with the same name: Wes Moore.

While one of them grows up to achieve great. However, where Moore himself grew up to achieve great things, “the other” Wes will spend every day of the rest of his life in prison for his part in the murder of Sergeant Bruce Prothero. After learning about Wes, Moore begins a correspondence with him that eventually turns into in-person visits in prison.

The Other Wes Moore is a narrative non-fiction story that chronicles the lives of two young African-American men that share the same name: Wes Moore.

The author was inspired to write this story because of this fact and their similar start in Baltimore, Maryland. Wes Moore grew up in Maryland in the early '80s and, after his father passed away when he was three years old, he started acting up.

Eventually, at age 13, his mother sent him away to military school. Jan 01,  · The Other Wes Moore is a fascinating look at the lives of two men, both named Wes Moore, both from low-income families, both from un-privileged urban backgrounds.

One man sits in prison for life, convicted of participation in a robbery and the murder of a police officer, while the other went on to enjoy every success that a young man can enjoy/5.

Moore's first book, The Other Wes Moore, was published in This book and The Work are New York Times Bestsellers. Additionally, Discovering Wes Moore is a Young Adult edition of his bestselling book, and This Way Home, his first Young Adult novel, was released in the Fall of

The wes moore
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