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Certainly, as a youngster in love with science, I had no dreams about the honor of the Nobel Prize. My courses were enjoyable too; I still recall the series, and the physics courses I took with the Nobel Laureate, Bob Schrieffer.

University of Pennsylvania, USA Ahmed Hassan Zewail Egyptian Arabic: Meanwhile, I was busy and excited about the new research I was doing.

The ocean was full of knowledge, culture, and opportunities, and the choice was clear: Charles decided to offer me the IBM Fellowship that was only given to a few in the department. Lund University, Sweden They were published in Physical Review. In my teens, I recall feeling a thrill when I solved a difficult problem in mechanics, for instance, considering all of the tricky operational forces of a car going uphill or downhill.

The atmosphere at the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter LRSM was most stimulating and I was enthusiastic about researching in areas that crossed the disciplines of physics and chemistry sometimes too enthusiastic! Reuters Beforeall students of chemistry and adjacent sciences were taught that it was impossible to determine the precise atomic rearrangements that occurred during the course of any chemical reaction at the instant when some chemical bonds are ruptured and others formed.

Second, the war had just ended and American stocks in Egypt were at their lowest value, so study missions were only sent to the USSR or Eastern European countries.

My interview at Caltech had gone well, despite the experience of an exhausting two days, visiting each half hour with a different faculty member in chemistry and chemical engineering. At the time, I did not know the depth of this feeling, and, if accepted to another faculty, I probably would not have insisted on the faculty of science.

The area in which he specialized was that of femtochemistry.

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I received five offers and decided on Berkeley. In Egypt, you send your application to a central Bureau Maktab El Tansiqand according to your grades, you are assigned a university, hopefully on your list of choice.

In America, the only music I have been able to appreciate on this level is classical, and some jazz. My father was liked and respected by the city community — he was helpful, cheerful and very much enjoyed his life. I met Dema, my wife, by a surprising chance, a fairy tale. Culturally, moving from Philadelphia to Berkeley was almost as much of a shock as the transition from Alexandria to Philadelphia — Berkeley was a new world!

His work in this field was so recognized that he received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his accomplishments.

Ahmed H. Zewail

These developments led to the establishment of the discipline of femtochemistry. This book is in 12 editions and languages, so far. Certainly, as a youngster in love with science, I had no dreams about the honor of the Nobel Prize.

The head of the inorganic section, Professor Tahany Salem and Professors Rafaat Issa and Samir El Ezaby, with whom I worked most closely; they suggested the research problem to me, and this research resulted in several publications.

Professor Charles Harris was traveling to Holland for an extensive stay, but when he returned to Berkeley we enjoyed discussing science at late hours! In the sixties, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Science were tops. I could either learn to swim or sink.

His ideas were broad and numerous, and in some cases went beyond the scientific language I was familiar with.

Ahmed Zewail

The Caltech community deeply mourns his loss.Ahmed H. Zewail, has studied atoms and molecules in “slow motion” during a reaction and seen what actually happens when chemical bonds break and new ones are created.

We will write a custom essay sample on Ahmed Hassan Zewail specifically for you. Ahmed Zewail () was an Egyptian chemist. He invented femtochemistry and won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Chemical reactions were once thought impossible to measure, because they happen in only a few femtoseconds.

His Nobel award was for using laser technology to measure extremely fast chemical reactions. Ahmed Zewail was born in Damanhour, Egypt on the 26th of February, He was raised in Alexandria and his father, Hassan Zewail, was a mechanic who assembled motorcycles and bicycles.

Later his father worked as a government official. Dec 11,  · Ahmed Zewail Chemist Specialty Femtochemistry Born Feb. 26, (age 67) Damanhour, Egypt Nationality Egyptian, American Ahmed Zewail can be considered one of the most well-known scientists to be born in Egypt.

His work in femtochemistry was quite revolutionary and innovative. His work in this field was so. Ahmed Zewail was a brilliant chemist who developed methods that changed the way we understand chemical reactions.

In this lesson, learn about the. Ahmed Zewail in He was passionately concerned for the have-nots, especially the millions of children in various parts of the world who receive no education.

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